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Zong Concept Store Kicks Off its Operations in Karachi

Zong Concept Store Kicks Off its Operations in Karachi

We all have been there. In Karachi, getting a new cell phone is nothing less than a hassle. People get shady when they’re out to purchase a new phone because of the utterly competitive mobile markets that have mobile shops the size of a bathroom and a smart-arse shopkeeper at the display whose primary focus is to sell you a phone of his choice, not yours. You could literally go to a place for a Samsung and end up getting a BlackBerry. These salesmen are that good!

Zong Concept Store
2 years ago Zong opened its revolutionary customer experience center in Islamabad. A giant gallery with more than 300 smartphones at the display to choose from, taking consumer brand experience to a whole new level.
“Zong is focused towards innovating the lives through next-gen network by investing several hundred million dollars on network modernization and expansion”, Mr. Niaz A Malik, Deputy CEO Zong.


After Islamabad and other locations, Zong has launched its 5th one of a kind experience center in Karachi.
Congrats Karachiites. You can finally skip the hustle bustle and trouble of roaming from crowded malls to malls for a cell phone. With the Zong Concept Store in Karachi, there is a whole universe of smartphones and other innovations for you choose from in a single place.

Zong Concept Store Zong Concept Store Zong Concept Store Zong Concept Store


Skip Sadar and Serena mobile market k ‘dhakkay’ and ‘dhokay’ and visit Zong Experience Centre in Clifton, Karachi today to quench your thirst for smartphones. All your favorite smartphone brands like QMobile, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC, Haier, and Rivo in a single place.
Address: Bilawal Chorangi, Block-5, Clifton, Karachi. (Adjacent to BarBQ Tonight)


The Wow-Fi Factor:

Zong has reached the height of awesomeness. At Zong center, you can test your mobile phone using Zong’s fastest 3g and 4g wireless internet before you purchase it.
Bro Tip: You can also go there for free Wi-Fi by faking a purchase 😉
P.S. It’s a joke.


Wait For It… It Gets Even Better

There is a gaming zone at Karachi center too. Brace yourselves and check it out:
Zong Concept Store


Innovations make our lives easier.
Do visit the Zong Concept Store in Karachi and share your feedback with us. It’s totally worth the visit.

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