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Meet World’s Most Fertile Woman with 38 Children

Meet World’s Most Fertile Woman with 38 Children

This is the story of Mariam Nabatanzi. A 39-year-old woman from Uganda who is known as ‘the world’s most fertile woman’.

Married at the age of 13, Mariam did know little what fate has in store for her. She wanted only six children but destiny has some other plans.

Mariam suffers from a condition called ‘Hyperovulation’ during which the ovaries of the affected releases more than one egg during ovulation. This means whenever the person with the condition got pregnant, it will result in the birth of twins, triplets or quadruplets.

Mariam with Children

Mariam has six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets and one single birth. The single birth was only delivered through caesarean section while rest of all children were delivered at home.

Mariam was married to a 40-year-old man, the father of all his children who was polygamous and has children from his past relations. However, she is the only one looking after her children now and bear their expenses while doing odds jobs.

Mariam doesn’t think that her children are a burden and consider them as a blessing. She had tried contraceptives and birth control methods but failed to get any result.

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