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The World’s Fastest Car Cost $3 Million

The World’s Fastest Car Cost $3 Million

You couldn’t dream of something better than this Bugatti Chiron – a top speed over 260 miles an hour with visually appealing aesthetics to provide comfort. With a cost of $3 million, it comes with a 1,500-horsepower engine and is the world’s fastest car.

When speed is your ultimate goal, the body and comfort often take a back seat, but not with Bugatti Chiron. The car is beautifully built in terms of spaciousness and comfort despite having two seats only. While it cannot beat Rolls Royce luxurious yacht-inspired design, it looks fairly impressive though. Every surface is covered in leather. It has tiny round screens that fit inside knobs.

The exterior is just as impressive with artistic exhibition of curves flowing into and out of other curves. It has enormous air vents required to feed massive quantities of air to cool down its huge engine. These are within big swirls just behind the side windows.

Apart from this, there is one large wing that is over the back of the car. It changes it angles depending on the moment of the car on how fast it is going or how quickly the driver is trying to slow down.

Sit inside, pull back the shift lever and feel the noise, acceleration and a comforting ride. In $3 million. the French-built Bugatti Chiron promises a ride you surely don’t want to miss.

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