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Why FPW 2017 Failed to Make an Impact on Day 1?

Why FPW 2017 Failed to Make an Impact on Day 1?

Being an average social media user, the deluge of pictures from the FPW17 is quite overwhelming. Every blogger and instagrammer is hell bent upon bombarding us with the latest pictures from the event which simply results into repetition on the timeline. But the fact that the first day of the event has only seen opulent bridals as fashion is a bit disconcerting. Why is every designer just doing bridals? Is it because they feel that the average person in the country will only be interested in bridals? What about giving the people something other than just grand bridals to look at on social media? Ironically, one generally wears a bridal only once in their lifetime. Keeping this minor fact in mind; wouldn’t it be more prudent for designers to introduce new and wearable cuts along with avant garde, on the ramp? Surely, the masses have had enough with all those cluttered prints available as fast fashion. I can’t even tell the brand apart from what they are selling in the market in the name of fast fashion. They all have the generic birds, cages, buildings and big bushes of flowers. The print is so busy that it takes a while for one to identify the actual design in it. As a consumer, I really want those crisp and neat prints now. But, that’s a request for another day.

Coming back to FPW17, the first day on the social media was a disappointment. Let’s hope it gets better as it progresses because honestly, bridals would only interest those who are soon to be married. Amongst those too, not everyone will be able to afford these designers. Besides, the bridals shown on the first day had nothing new. They all had the same style of embellishment and the same color combinations that have been done to death. In fact, go to any seasoned kaarigar in the market and he will give you something similar without charging you an arm and a leg for it.

Fareha Zarsheen is a business graduate and has done M.Phil in Management Sciences with diploma in Fashion Designing. She is a mother of two and is running her own fashion brand since 2013.

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