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What NOT to Wear this Season

What NOT to Wear this Season

The market is currently flooded with everything and anything in the name of fashion, but choosing an attire which will accentuate one’s figure and go with one’s personality is a task in itself. Not everyone is equipped with the talent to choose the right fashion and in return look chic in everything that the market has to offer.

1. Ruffles and Frills are not for everyone to wear. Couple it with light pinks and pastels; it may appear pretty on dainty model but it becomes a big NO for an average Pakistani woman unless you want to look like you belong to the Corinthian age.



2. You don’t have to follow fashion if you are not comfortable in it. Anything that makes you feel like yourself will make you look beautiful.

3. Dress according to the occasion or the place. Malls or restaurants are no places to wear gharara pants. Instead wear them at a Shadi and deck up accordingly.



4. If your outfit has too much going on, then it is too busy and cluttered to make you stand out (unless you think, standing out means looking the odd one out). avoid tutti fruitti prints and colors unless they make a coherent design which is not an eyesore.

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