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CPEC Community Gets Bigger and Better as Malaysia Gets on Board

CPEC Community

Calling China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) anything less than blessing for Pakistan would be unjustified. After so long Pakistan has finally focused its attention towards utilizing its one of the finest resource at hand; it’s geographical location.

It’s the age of globalization. Pick any developing or developed country; global trade and international relations are their bedrock. Pakistan isn’t that big of a country if we talk demographically. It has as less as 4 provinces but is still one of the few blessed countries that have the power sea by their side. Pakistan has 5 major sea ports at its disposal.

CPEC Community


CPEC is a result of lifelong friendship between Pakistan and China focused to improve the lives of not just Chinese and Pakistani people, but also for neighboring countries like Iran, Afghanistan, India, Central Asian Republic, and the whole region with a mission statement of exploring potential bilateral investment, promotion of economic trade and logistics, and strengthening regional connectivity.

CPEC Community

It’s turning out be a huge success already as the key players of the first world countries like Russia, UK, and France have shown their interest to join the CPEC community.

Less than a week ago on 6th April, a Malaysian business delegation headed by ex prime minister of Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi highlighted their interest in developing maritime projects in Pakistan to be integrated with CPEC. In a meeting between the current Ports and Shipping minister of Pakistan Mr. Hasil Bizanjo, various aspects of this expected alliance had been discussed. Ferry services, port terminals, and industrial units at Gwadar Free Zone were the focal point however.

“The more the merrier.”

As naïve as it may sound, in some cases it is actually true. As the CPEC community expands with the addition of countries like Malaysia, it shall pave a way for better industrial cooperation by increasing investment opportunities. New jobs shall be created and Pakistan’s export efficiency shall be enhanced.

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