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Hacker behind WannaCry might be crying over making merely $60,500

Hacker behind WannaCry might be crying over making merely $60,500

WannaCry; being called the biggest cyber attack ever by security geeks that affected more than 150 countries and 200,000 computers worldwide, still has been unable to make a fortune for the hacker behind this ransomware.
It’s called ransomware because it locks down all the files and data on the computer that has been infected, and demands a handsome ransom amount ranging between $300 to $600 to release the files.
Software tools used to launch the cyber attack were revealed to the public in April among a trove of NSA spy tools that were either leaked or stolen. The hacking group behind the attack; the Shadow Brokers, took advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows as most corporations don’t update their system updates automatically, making them defenseless to withstand advanced and dangerous cyber attacks like these.
However, for a cyber attack that is being advertised as the most monstrous one in the history of the world, WannaCry failed to make the kind of ransom its masters were expecting. During the whole course of full three days after the malware first struck, the hackers made just $60,512.82, or a little less than Rs 39 lakh in bitcoins.


What’s Bitcoin:

It is a type of cryptocurrency that uses blockchain protocol, enabling the users to make transactions maintain complete anonymity while making transactions. All the transactions are publicly accessible, however, the identity of the person receiving or sending the payment is completely hidden.


The reason for this low payment is hard to speculate yet but we do hope to see some groundbreaking discoveries on this topic.

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