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Justice PM’s Secretariat


Violated Woman Demands Justice outside PM’s Secretariat

Violated Woman Demands Justice outside PM’s Secretariat

She’s not the first, and she won’t be the last. As ugly as it may sound to you but it’s a naked reality of our society.

Another woman falls victim of sexual abuse in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir and got raped by people of the so called “superior tribe” in front of her elder sister and husband.

This 24 years old young woman is a mother of a child and threatening to take her life outside the PM secretariat if not given justice. What justification could be enough to compensate for the heinous crime committed by these animals? I can’t even begin to fathom that.

She was forcefully hopped inside a jeep by some influential tribesman of her area as she was returning from her sister’s house and taken to a hut in a forest nearby where she begged and begged those monsters to let her go but those pigs, blinded by power and lust didn’t.

“I begged the rapist in the hut [to let me go] but he ruined my entire world,” the victim said.

Justice PM’s Secretariat

It is shameful for an Islamic society that incidents like these take place and don’t even get reported in the police station as the victims are mostly weak and helpless by the hand of powerful elements of our society. Can you believe what happened when this woman shared this terrible ordeal with her husband? He asked her to LET IT GO.

95% of rape cases in Pakistan don’t get reported and the victims either choose to live on with guilt and shame or they choose to take their life like this poor woman did upon this helpless reaction from her husband. She couldn’t stand the thought of letting these barbarians off the hook and shoved poison down her throat but she survived as the family immediately rushed her to the hospital.

“On Wednesday, I was discharged from the hospital. Our family decided to bring the entire story to the government’s notice with the aim of saving other poor daughters of the area,” she quoted, adding, “We urge the government to register a kidnapping case against the rapist with anti-terrorism clauses.”

Mr. Hameed Kayani, the deputy commissioner of stated that the victim’s family isn’t yet ready to file charges against the culprit, However, after conducting their own investigation, the district administration had registered an FIR against the alleged rapist on behalf of the state.

He also added that a medical checkup of the violated victim is required in order to submit the final charge sheet but also committed to justice being ensured.

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