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Scary Video Editing Tool Makes Fake Video Look Real

Scary Video Editing Tool Makes Fake Video Look Real

We live in a world where reality is almost same as fantasy. Every now and then we come across something that creates a hyper reality for people. With the growing world the news has become very fast and we often observe fake news, people often tend to believe it and act accordingly.


With the advancement of technology picture were not that reliable anyone could manipulate it perfectly so people believed on videos now future of videos could be dangerous and manipulative too, thanks to new video editing tools developed by researchers.


Researcher at the University of Washington recently introduced a video editing tool that was used for overlaying the audio with lip sync onto a video of Barack Obama (former U.S. President). The tool can make him what ever they want him to say. It made the video look like a real footage.

The result is scary. Anyone can words in Obama’s mouth and converting audio into lip movement which blends into old footage to get the realistic results which an untrained eye can not detect.


The scientists behind this invention hope that this tool will be used in Hollywood special effects and to improve video calling. But you never know who uses it negatively. Soon it could be used for fake videos of celebrities, politicians or even normal people like us. Because the research team says that computer will be able to learn how to make fake videos of anyone saying anything.


“Perhaps a single universal network could be trained from videos of many different people, then conditioned on individual speakers e.g. by giving it a small video sample of the new person, to produce accurate mouth shapes for that person,” the report says.


This tool is one of the many tools already developed in the last few years. Google DeepMind AI is an open-source platform that can fake voice recordings, and the Telegraph reports that a program Lyrebird can make human speech in with only 60 seconds sample. Now that’s something scary!


The researchers are still on the positive side and are saying that their creating will be used a reverse verification and will determine that the video is real or not. But now days we share things quickly without even know that basic facts behind it. Many people don’t even bother to go through verification before sharing scandalous videos.


These tools are not accessible publically but soon the reality of the video will become a question. But for now we can appreciate the technological advancements.


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