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United By Hate… Divided By Religion, Race, and Borders. #YogiRevives2NationTheory

United By Hate… Divided By Religion, Race, and Borders. #YogiRevives2NationTheory

It’s a sad world we live in. The things that unite us as humans are hate, greed, and lust, while that divide us are race, religion, language, nationality.

Another wave of hate just hit the sub-continent of Asia, reminding us of a dreadful stigma that we face as people of the world; religious extremism. Recently the worst case of this stigma can be witnessed in Uttar Pradesh, India where the authorities have banned cow meat eating and selling for Muslims. But the hate doesn’t stop with the ban. Some Hindu extremists are exploiting the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh by distributing hateful pamphlets in Mosques stating that “Hindus are in power now, and Muslims should stop their Azaan”. While some are calling these people “extremists” while others are calling them “hypocrites” as Hindus of India make a fortune for themselves by selling cow’s meat to countries like Europe but the same practice has been prohibited for Muslims.

It’s been 70 years since these brothers of the same womb are living across the borders to each other. Who would have thought that the whole independence struggle, the two nation theory, the ideology of an independent state would sound so naïve even after 70 years? We may have evolved as a civilization but when it comes to being human beings, we are worst than animals.

It’s a travesty that whole communities have to suffer for the sake of a few ignorant religious Nazis. It’s the age of globalization, while we should be embracing each other’s cultures, beliefs, and norms; we are still fighting over the same problems that we were fighting over centuries ago. So much for evolution eh! J


It’s almost ironic that these same communities, Muslims and Hindus, Indis and Pakis live in complete harmony outside their native land. So the problem isn’t your religion or belief, the problem is your surroundings.

Co existence is the beauty of nature. Religion is a pathway paved with good deeds and intentions. Be it Islam, or Hinduism, Christianity, or any other religion that exists, they all share the same philosophy about peace, harmony, and co-existence. India and Pakistan have been the focal point of religious fascism that is present in both countries. Being a normal Muslim citizen of Pakistan, I have nothing but sheer love and respect for our Hindu community of Pakistan or any other religion for that matter. And I’m not the only one. We have to stop letting some extremists to shape our thoughts r perceptions about other nations and religions to feed their political agendas. This world has already had its fair share of war and violence, it deserves some peace. And peace begins within.

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