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06 Members from HIV/AIDS Advisory Council Resign under Trump’s Presidency

06 Members from HIV/AIDS Advisory Council Resign under Trump’s Presidency

We can no longer work with a “president who simply does not care”; the 06 members who resigned Donald Trump’s advisory council this Friday wrote in op-ed published in (Newsweek).


The Presidency Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) is a governmental body in direct coordination with the president to inform and update him about everything related to HIV/AIDS and devise strategies to fight the epidemic nationwide.


The 06 members who resigned are Lucy Bradley-Springer, Gina Brown, Ulysses Burley III, Michelle Ogle, Grissel Granados, and Scott Schoettesl. The letter was written by Scott Schoettesl who showed grave concerns about the current HIV/AIDS pandemic and the president’s insensitive attitude in combatting it.


He wrote in his letter that the 06 members who resigned including him have dedicated their whole lives to fight the terrible disease and now they simply can not function effectively within the perimeters of the advisory council to a “president who simply does not care”. He also wrote that Trump’s administration has no formal strategy to address the disease, it does not entertain inputs from experts to formulate an effective policy, and is pushing legislation towards the point that will prove to be harmful to people living with HIV.


Scott also pointed out another act of negligence of Donald Trump as he took down official website for Office of National AIDS Policy and still hasn’t replaced it even though it has been 132 days since Trump took charge. Moreover, Trump still hasn’t appointed anyone as head of White House Office of National AIDS Policy which means the president and his advisors have no formal means to stay updated and informed about the ongoing health crisis in the country. Seems like they don’t want to.


(PACHA) was formed back in 1995 under Bill Clinton’s presidency and has been making some remarkable achievements in the field of HIV. Barack Obama’s presidency proved to be the best time for this council to shine as he helped develop a new national strategy that almost revolutionized the healthcare system for HIV prevention.

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