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“Third time’s the charm”; Let’s see how true that is with True Detective Season 3

True Detective Season 3

Rumor has it that HBO plans on bringing True Detective back to life with a brand new third season featuring the real True detective “Rust Cohle” that is most likely to be played by Matthew McConaughey.

He quoted in his latest appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, “I miss Rust Cohle man, and I miss watching him on Sunday nights”. We do too Matthew… more than you could ever know.

True Detective Season 3

Back in January 2014, True detective season 1 came out with a bang and turned out to be the pioneer of crime storytelling television shows. Even though the storyline and characters are a work of fiction but are so beautifully aligned altogether that every scene, every expression, every moment felt real.  The characters felt so realistic that it got Matthew McConaughey an Oscar and an Emmy for the magnificent role of “Rust Cohle”. Most certainly well deserved I must add.
True Detective Season 3


Now let’s talk a little about the “not so happening” season 2 that came out back in June 2015. The season had strong celebrity cast like Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Kelly Reilly, and Vince Vaughn and yet  failed to live up to the gigantic expectations that Matthew McConaughey  had set, leaving the fans baffled and disappointed.  Critics didn’t lay the show off easy either, declaring it “the year’s most passionately disliked show”, as per Rolling Stones.

Call us fans naive all you want but we have our fingers crossed for yet another banging crime saga.


True Detective Season 3


As much as we fans would like to agree to this quote, we are more than willing to forgive and forget the damage season 2 caused on our hearts and minds as long as the season 3 is a killer.

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