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Ramadan Transmissions


The Transformation of Ramadan Transmissions in Pakistan

The Transformation of Ramadan Transmissions in Pakistan

Stop for a second, and take a deep look back at the last decade and you may realize the sturdy transitions and transitions of Ramadan in Pakistan, some good while some are worse. TBH, most of them are for the worse.


It’s heartbreaking to say that Ramadan is becoming commercial.


It’s been more than 25 days of Ramadan 2017, the last Ashra is down to its last days and I have barely watched a single television show or any Ramadan transmission despite the fact that I myself am a television savvy big time.


Every time I look at an advertisement or a Ramadan tv show, I feel a sudden urge to tear the television down to a million pieces and send it home to the so-called “tv hosts” who are promoting idiocy instead of goodness in the Holy month of Ramadan.


I ain’t no saint or a preacher God forbid but I do have the sense and audacity to differentiate between humor and humiliation.


A throwback to the Good Ol’ days when we used to break our fast listening to the beautiful iconic recital of the 99 names of Allah on PTV, and now we do it while watching a bunch of clowns making a fool out of themselves for the sake of a QMobile or a motorbike.



Here are some of the major differences that you may witness upon comparing the Ramadan shows in your childhood days with today.


Longer time Duration

Back in the days, Ramadan transmissions lasted for less than a couple of hours and now they simply don’t stop from Iftar till Eid, partaking in the continuous war of TRPs.

Heck we spend more time watching silly TV shows than we spend praying.

Ramadan Transmissions


Information replaced with idiocy

Back in the days’ quiz shows featured informative questions related to nationalism or religion and now… Apko bas “Aam khana” ana chahiye.

Ramadan Transmissions


Naats became less spiritual, more commercial

Naats in the old days used to heal the mind & soul. So pure, spiritual, and simple.

Now the people who sing peppy songs and make hip music the whole year are the same ones who recite Naats and compose them in the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Transmissions


No More Qawwalis 

The spiritual healing therapy in the form of Qawwalis featuring the soulful voices of the Sabri brothers or Ustad NFAK that used to rejuvenate our hearts and souls with their essence are a lost cause now. Silly commercials have taken over.

Ramadan Transmissions


No More Class or Standard

Sad to say but Pakistani Ramadan television transmissions have lost all their nobility and class. Back in the days’ brands and the public used to be more inclined towards promoting goodness and virtuousness, instead of acting out of foolishness desperate for money.

Ramadan Transmissions

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