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Top 5 World’s Most Visited Destinations 2017

Top 5 World’s Most Visited Destinations 2017

Travel is the best escape and these five cities provide you with the best experience. Mastercard revealed its destination index for most visited cities of Asia pacific and the world. The cities were ranked on the basis of tourism trends including, international overnight arrivals, how much they spend, the number of nights they spend.

The list comprises details about where the visitors come from, the growth of the visitors, purpose of visit and growth of visitors. Among the top favorite tourist destinations from around the world, these are the most visited cities of the world.

New York:

Although New York is the only US city in the top 10 destinations, it ranks highest in terms of revenue generation from the tourist. With a plethora of activities from Broadway shows to shopping, the city has a lot to offer to tourist with its famous sites at every corner. It has projected 12.75 million visitors yearly.


The city is famous for its high-rises and shopping malls that have transformed the desert to a hot spot for tourists. The city houses some of the famous sightseeing spot and fun activities including aquariums and indoor sports. The city offers a mix of traditional and modern life to its 15.27 million visitors yearly.


With 18.03 million tourists, Paris has never failed to fascinate the tourist. With its famous Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysées Boulevard, the city has a way of romanticizing with its visitors. From Louvre to its famous art galleries and to high end fashion, Paris has always been among the most sought-after destination for creative people and art lovers.


While London is second on the list, the British city is one of the busiest tourist destination of the world. It is famous for the architecture and old buildings, arts, entertainment and cultural activities. With 19.88 million, the city never loses its charm to attract visitors from all over the world.


Bangkok tops the list as the most visited city of the world. With many Chinese travelling overseas, the Thai capital is one of the most sought-after destination and eclipses London in terms of tourism growth and visitors.

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