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Top 5 Controversy Queens of Pakistan

Top 5 Controversy Queens of Pakistan

Controversies have become a major source of fame and our Pakistani actors tend to enjoy it with added bonus of popularity. Our celebrities have struggled so much to carve their identities as actors and actresses. Many have made remarkable efforts to uplift their careers while others chose controversies and fake promotional stunts to up their game in the industry.

And here we bring you an exclusive list of top 5 most controversial queens of Pakistan.


Veena Malik

Mostly known as controversial queen in the showbiz, Malik is a Pakistani model, actress and comedian. Well, she was swamped by controversies as she stepped into the glamorous world of showbiz. She blamed Javed sheikh for cutting her scenes from the movie “yeh dil apka howa”. The drama queen kept on nagging about it on all media forums. Later on, her relationship with the famous cricketer Mohammad Asif emerged as a controversy too and led to different speculations. This eventually led her to famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss which, by the way is a controversy itself. Her intimate relationship with Ashmit Patel on the show made a tremendous buzz once.


  • Meera

Our very own Meera ji is always in the news, and mostly for not the right reasons. One of the first film stars from Pakistan to go to bollywood only to be part of third page controversial news. Apart   from being in news for her “English”, her personal life is also flooded with numerous controversies. Be it her marriage or the recent outrage news that is making waves on media about kicking her mother out. However, the whole fiasco is getting inferior with every passing day. According to a local entertainment website, Meera’s mommy has denied that the actress is even her daughter.


  • Mathira

She is the hub of controversies and she really knows well how to remain in headlines. From going topless in photo shoots to doing item numbers, Mathira has done everything to remain in the spotlight. From her item number in the movie ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ to her ad for a condom brand, she has created quite a stir with her bold acts in the industry. Her music video which casts a 12 year old boy as a rapper got some obvious criticism because of her extra bold attire and inappropriate settings.


  • Ayyan Ali

The super model of Pakistan Ayyan Ali has started her career back in 2010. She was in limelight in 2015 for money laundering case. She got arrested by the Airport Security Force in Dubai for money laundering and consequently was culled from the prime of her career for some merited penitentiary time. She was behind the bars at Adiala Jail.

  • Qandeel Baloch

A victim of Honor killing, Qandeel (late) was brutally murdered by her own brother in her hometown Multan. Baloch got limelight from Facebook and soon she was started being recognized locally and internationally. She was called “The Queen of controversy “because of her bold videos and statements. Her short career span was no less than a drama and was marred by controversies throughout. Qandeel posted her pictures with Mufti sahib captioning how they both enjoyed cigarettes and drinking. This all happened during Ramadan which enraged many Muslims. Baloch never shunned from making controversial statements on media such as saying she would strip for Mr.bachan and Shahid Khan Afridi.



  1. Zarnish

    September 9, 2017 at 8:49 am

    It is gravely unfair to have Ayyan in that list…

    Firstly all of the rest in here are a bunch of under achievers, their claim to fame is their controversial life, unlike Ayyan who has rocked the ramps from Pakistan to UK to Turnkey to India and what not.

    Secondly all of these other ladies INVITED controversies upon themselves intentionally and cashed on them. Ayyan to the contrary was a victim of misfortune, she was framed in a false & fictitious case which was later on quashed by a court of law.

    Thirdly & lastly Ayyan unlike the rest has never hearkened for press coverage. All along this saga she has never given any interviews or presser and has always held that she will contest her case in a professional manner and in a court of competent jurisdiction.

    What Ayyan deserves is an applaud for facing harassment at the hands of the state not sarcasm. Have a heart.

  2. Nabeel

    September 13, 2017 at 10:16 am

    I agree. Ayyan doesn’t need controversy for fame. Rest of the models are full of controversies

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