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TJ Miller’s has an exclusive message for all Pakistanis

TJ Miller’s has an exclusive message for all Pakistanis

Some of you may now know his name but most certainly you all remember his face, and his crazy skills as an actor and a comedian. T.J Miller is the new cinema’s rising star who has dazzled the audience with his witty humor, spot on dialogue delivery, and happy-go-lucky nature. He’s the star boy of one of the most popular sitcoms of American cinema; “Silicon Valley”.

Tj miller

He’s also had a taste of the big screen by making appearances in a number of mainstream movies like How to train your dragon, Transformers: Age of extinction, Silicon Valley, and Deadpool. The cool bartender that went by the name ‘Weasel’ in Deadpool, is a classic example of T.J Miller’s capabilities.


T.J Miller has proven himself to be a people’s man as he has recorded a special message for all his Pakistani fans in order to promote his new upcoming movie “The Emoji Movie”.

Check it out:

The best part is that it seems like well thought and executed video. The way he has made sure and emphasized upon the fact that it is Paa-kistan, not Pay-kistan is sweet. As a Pakistani myself, I find this gesture quite humble for an actor to make a direct approach to his fans that are as far as across the 7 seas, regardless of the fact that it’s for a movie promotion.


“Please watch The Emoji Movie in the theaters this summer. We think you’ll like it, and we know you’ll understand it because Emojis are international. They break all language barriers. Thank you!” T.J Miller in his video message.


Well, we couldn’t agree more. Emojis are like a universal language that we all speak and understand. While there are so many things that divide us as human beings, things like humility, art, music, and movies unite us and ignite a sense of co-existence and coordination in humans.


Here’s the official trailer of The Emoji Movie:

Do watch it and share your thoughts with us.

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