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Sridevi’s Emotional Message


Watch Sridevi’s Emotional Message for her Pakistani Co-stars

Watch Sridevi’s Emotional Message for her Pakistani Co-stars

The newly released Bollywood movie featuring Sridevi, our very own Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddiqui is getting rave reviews in its first week. Unfortunately, Sajal and Adnan couldn’t get a chance to go to India for the movie premiere.

While the two couldn’t get a chance to be with the film cast, Sridevi made sure that her co-stars don’t feel left out. In an emotional video following Mom’s release, Sridevi sends a special message to her Pakistani co-stars. The veteran actor broke down during the video and said how much he misses the two stars. The message came as a refreshing reminder to our stars how much they are appreciated by their co-stars.

Watch the video here:

In an overwhelming Instagram post, Sajal Ali shared the video and stated that how much she misses Sridevi. The love between the actors is evidence that media unites the two countries.

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