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Sony World Photography Award of 2017 Goes to a Pakistani Photographer

Sony World Photography Award

There are only a few things that fall far beyond the boundaries of distance, language, culture, or nation. Things like art, which know no limits and find their way into the limelight no matter the distance or the hurdles.

Recently a Pakistani photographer has earned the privilege of getting recognized by World Photography Organization, his photograph has been awarded as Pakistan’s single best photo of 2017 at the Sony World Photography Awards.

Sony World Photography Award

Sony World Photography Award

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this picture is a living example of it. While most photographers exercise their photographic skills in page 3 parties and celebrity propagandas, there are true artists like Shabbir Mian that actually understand the real definition of beauty and use their cameras to capture it.

5 years ago Shabbir Mian entered the world of photography with a mission to “capture human spirit”. The picture maybe of a boy in Lahore but it is portrays a specific zeal and energy that kids from all around the world share in common, he says.


What Inspired Him to Take this Shot             

“One day I was in this spot for some work, and it started raining. The boy was running over the railway tracks, coming back from the school towards his home. He didn’t know about any trains; whether they were coming or not. He was wandering with happiness and running on the tracks and enjoying the rain. I wanted to capture that moment, to capture the happiness and fearlessness in the child. That picture represents children in that age around the world.” Shabbir said.


Sony World Photography Award

Sony World Photography Award

This picture reminds of that innocent and self content part of us humans which seems to be fading away with time as we continue with the never ending voyage called adulthood. Just look at this kid. No wrinkles or worries at his innocent face. He seems like the happiest guy in the world just because he is off his school hours and enjoying in the rain as he walks towards his house.

Here we see people driving SUVs with a Rolex in one hand and an iPhone in the other, and still you can feel the agitation and frustration on their faces as they scream and yell at the traffic *which they themselves are a part of).


“When were kids, all we wanted to do was to grow up.

Now that we’ve grown up, we would trade our adulthood for childhood in an instant. “


Shabbir’s London Dream Might Come True

 Shabbir’s biggest dream is to sell one of his photographs in the London art gallery. This dream might actually come true as his image will be showcased in an exhibition in the Art Gallery London with other national award winners from April 21st, till May 7th.

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