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Shiki-Shima: Japan’s new luxury train has a $10,000 one way ticket

Shiki-Shima: Japan’s new luxury train has a $10,000 one way ticket

Well that’s more expensive than a damn emirates flight and way out of my budget to be honest.

Japan has introduced a one if its own kind luxury sleeper train called “Train Suite Shiki-Shima”, a venture of East Japan Railway Company that has a capacity of merely 34 people in 10 coaches and the ticket price ranges between $2,200 and $10,000.

Shiki-Shima: Japan’s new luxury train

Well if you live in Japan and plan on celebrating this year’s Golden Week on this lavish train, then you are already too late. Get in que for next year as the train rides are already sold out till March 2018. Despite of the fact that rent for a solo passenger to travel per minute is £2, the initial rides on May 1st were allocated by lottery due to high traffic of advanced bookings at a ratio where just 1 out 76 applicants were lucky enough to get the pleasure of this train ride.

Shiki-Shima: Japan’s new luxury train


Is it worth it? Let’s find out.


It consists of 17 luxurious private suites out of which the VIP suites are bigger in size than most 2 bedroom apartments in Tokyo having their own split level two beds, a living room, and a bath tub.


5 out of the 10 coaches comprise of standard suites, 3 have a carriage, offer comfortable beds and a bathroom with shower and toilet, while the other two “deluxe suites” have their own aromatic cypress wood bath.



Ken Okuyama; the brains behind this futuristic creation has surpassed all the levels of luxury in the Shiki-Shima. The train is made with a glass ceiling and two-glassed walls enabling the passengers to relish the gorgeous outside view as they travel.


Shiki-Shima: Japan’s new luxury train


The lounge has a refreshing forest-like outlook along with its own piano bar.


There is also a platform 13 ½ for Wizards leading to Hogwarts

Tokyo’s Ueno station for Shiki-Shima also has a unique Harry Potter-style Platform 13 1/2 for exclusive use.


Well if you are good to spend as much $10,000 for a train ride, then this super deluxe train suite seems totally worth it.

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