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Pakistani Women in Tech Unify to Encourage New Women in Tech

Pakistani Women in Tech Unify to Encourage New Women in Tech

Circle Pakistan; a social franchise focused towards exalting entrepreneurial and leadership capacity in Pakistani women; initiates a quirky new concept of a global start-up competition for women in the world of IT.


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This amazing new initiative is called “She Loves Tech” which kick-started its operations with an orientation held in NED University of Engineering and Technology.


Women in Pakistan are an underrated and underestimated asset, needless to say. Not so long ago a work and career oriented woman in our society would fall victim to stereotypes and ignorant judgments about her choices.




Pakistani population consists of as much as 48.63% women, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators in 2015. Imagine an almost half chunk of a whole population is still struggling to get some liberty in pursuing their choices related to their personal, educational, and professional lives. And now imagine if that whole half chunk of a population becomes educated and starts working for the progress of our economy, the results would be beyond our simple mind’s expectations and comprehension. IT industry is one of the biggest blooming and fruitful sectors of today and tomorrow’s world and by joining forces with women, we can go a long way.


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This global competition is being organized by Circle NED; a student chapter of Circle.

Circle Pakistan’s co-founder Sadaffe Abid took the stage at the orientation ceremony and shared her thoughts about facing challenges and obstacles in executing this program yesterday.


“She Loves Tech” competition will be taking place in multiple cities of the world, with the finale in Beijing, China.


Winner of the competition will be given an amazing opportunity to take part in a one-week boot camp in China in September, where they will be given a chance to network with investors and leading Chinese tech companies.


“Circle” is designed to give opportunities to women entrepreneurs,” said Dr. Syed Mehmood Hasan, director of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialisation (ORIC) at NED University.


The competition is open not just for women, but for men too, as long as it aids to the cause in some way.

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