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From Film Festivals to Forbes: The Glorious Journey of Shahnawaz Zali

From Film Festivals to Forbes: The Glorious Journey of Shahnawaz Zali

So many voices go unheard, so many faces get forgotten, so many lights fade away, yet some are so vivid that they break the sky limits and illuminate the whole sky.
When it comes to extraordinary talents like Shahnawaz Zali, success and recognition is destined.

From Film Festivals
While there are so called movie makers whose definition of art is nothing more than a few item songs with cheap music editing and half naked girls, there are true artists like Shahnawaz who utilize their talents for the betterment of our society.
A bright young lad from Lahore, a graduate of Northwestern University with Bachelors in Media Industries and Technologies, professionally working as a director, cinematographer and writer, has already made his mark so high in the film industry that people even double of his age are still unable to do so. Shanawaz made the nation proud by winning an Oscar nomination for his documentary 100 Steps – Sou Qadam for the Best Film in the narrative category. And this was just the beginning.
His success story seems like a never ending saga. After numerous achievements of his work in huge events such as Miami Independent Film Festival and Accolade Global Film Festival, his work dazzled the audience and amazed the critiques at altogether with brilliant pieces of art like Mohammad, Backyard and Kashif, and The Lifting of the Veil.
His success saga has breached the sky limits as Forbes magazine has enlisted his name in its ’30 Under 30′ list of people from sports and entertainment.
Shahnawaz aims to revive the local arts and entertainment industry with his skills and efforts, “I’m aiming to work on feature films, commercials, and television next. I also plan on opening a production house soon that will always have its doors open to anyone who wishes to discuss ideas, scripts or their work.”, he quoted.
Pakistani art industry seems to be growing up by leaps and bounds and we only expect it to evolve as it is being led by young and brilliant artists like Shahnawaz Zali.

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