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Controversy is the Key to High TRPs

Controversy is the Key to High TRPs

Controversies, paparazzi, propagandas, all are the key elements to high TRPs.


Saddening to say that our media has lost all ethics.

Journalism has been replaced by yellow journalism, especially in this digital age. You take social media for an example, there are bulks and bulks of information floating around without any authenticity.


Commercialization has taken over and Pakistani media has embarked itself on a never-ending race for ratings and TRPs. And the worst part is that they have lost all the nobility and morality that is the very foundation of this profession.


But the media isn’t solely responsible for this perverted type of journalism going on. People are to be blamed too. People are ready to surpass all limits of decency and morality just for the sake of some exposure into the limelight and some hype over social media.


A recent incident took place during an ongoing Ramzan transmission on APlus being hosted by Shaista Lodhi. The show was featuring Late Amjad Sabri’s two sisters (as they claimed to be) reciting Qawwali while it was interrupted by live calls from the real Sabri sisters who later joined the show and cleared the air.

As we can see the two women claiming to be the Sabri sisters are grandchildren of Kamal Ahmed Sabri who is the brother of the Qawwali maestro Ghulam Fareed Sabri.


The real Sabri sisters joined the show and humbly requested the young Qawwals to dissociate the names of Shaheed Amjad Sabri and Ghulam Fareed Sabri with themselves since they don’t belong to the same family tree. At the end of the show, Amjad Sabri’s sisters gave their blessings to the two young women and the show ended on a  good note.


It still seems really confusing and the incident raises a number of questions that need to be answered.


Did the two young Qawwals actually belong to the Sabri family or not?

If they did, how come the Sabri sisters didn’t recognize them or met them before?

Was it a nothing but a family feud bursting out on the television?


However, it is the media channel’s responsibility to ensure authentication on their TV shows and nothing shall be made public until it’s credibility has been made sure.


True or not, this incident surely got the show banging TRPs that they so desperately long for.

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