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GoT: Game of Traffic – SEO vs Social Media Marketing

GoT: Game of Traffic – SEO vs Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest ongoing debates of the digital world is the comparison between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.


Degital Marketing

This the new age of digitalization and the conventional methods of marketing seem to be fading away with the introduction of bright and effective new methods like digital marketing. If you’re a solepreneur, starting up or running a small, even medium-sized business venture with limited resources, your time and money are your most precious asset. You need to think and act like an economist to yield the best output with scarce resources.


That’s where the concept of digital marketing comes to your rescue.


However, you need to do it right and plan everything out extensively. Two of the key players that you have at your disposal by the advent of digital marketing are SEO, and SMM while both have their own significance.




SEO and SMM are like peanut butter and jelly. You can have one without the other but the result would be a bland tasteless sandwich.


Nowadays the two are interlinked together with one depending upon the other. If you want to unleash the untapped potential of Search Engine Optimization, you can not do it without proper content curation and that’s where Social Media chimes in. SME supports SEO better than any other marketing channel and the combo of these both is your best bet to rise your business up to unimaginable heights.


Two of the major points that can help sum up this prolonged debate are as follows:


Social media signals including webpage’s collective shares, likes and overall visibility from search engines do not affect the website rankings.

You can not unleash SEO’s true potential without mobilizing social media channels.


Social Media Marketing

While you may think content sharing on SMM would only result in engagements, you couldn’t be more wrong. SMM also helps bring visitors to your website generating leads which lead to conversions. This process helps escalate your site’s visibility. SMM doesn’t directly affect your website’s performance in Google but it indirectly does it by corresponding to SEO.


Let’s take on page and off page blogging for an example. Organic channels drive more traffic to SMM-focused blogs as compared to SEO-focused blogs anomalously.


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