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Samsung just gulped another Bite of Apple with the All Mighty S8

Samsung S8

Samsung S8

You know what they say, “never bite more than you can chew”. Let’s see if Samsung has an appetite strong enough to digest it. It’s the “game of smart phone throne” and there are 2 main claimants that are vigorously battling to be on top of it; Samsung and Apple.

Yesterday Samsung revealed its latest prize product, the all mighty Samsung S8 and S8 Plus which seems a lot like some serious competition for Apple users.

Let’s dig a bit deeper at what makes Samsung S8 the Alpha of smart phones (as the officials are claiming).

  1. Its body is a lustrous combination of metal and glass making it almost irresistible to stop touching it.
  2. Samsung S8 has a huge 5.8 inch screen while S8 plus embodies a 6.2 inch screen with a perfect ratio between body and screen making it look more sleek and classy. (Well if that ain’t huge, we don’t know what is).
  3. Samsung’s innovative “infinity display” has curves at all 4 corners making the phone look like a gorgeous diamond with a slim ring and the OLED resolution is perfect to “Netflix and Chill”.
  4. Samsung let go of its traditional home key to provide more room for screen and moved the fingerprint scanner at the back side.
  5. You can say cheese with a high tech 12-megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front camera.
  6. The in-box 3D scan designs headphones that come with your S8 are sick af. Made with anti-tangle metal-fabric material and designed for peerless audio quality.

P.S. You have a default slot in our S8 to plug them. (Right in the feels iPhone 7 users eh?)

Samsung S8

We could go on and on about the phone specifications but let’s cut straight to some details that you may actually be interested in.  The pre-orders for S8 and S8 plus began on 30th March and the shipment shall begin by 21st of April at an estimated price of $720. (Early word says so).

After the epic fail of its flagship phone Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has been putting paddle to the metal of its smart phone innovations. The Samsung S8 could be a fad or it could be long lasting, however jumping to any conclusions might be a bit too early.

Samsung S8


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