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Ronaldo’s Bust Sculpture Looks like it Just Survived a Nuclear Attack

Ronaldo’s Bust Sculpture

*Mayday mayday*

The internet has gone nuts over a statue made as a tribute for football maestro Cristiano Ronaldo.

Madeira International Airport located in Funchal, Portugal, paid massive respect to Cristiano Ronaldo by changing its name to Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport and the superstar himself was invited for a ceremony this Wednesday. But what the internet has been drooling over is the bronze bust statue that was exhibited at that very ceremony and totally got busted.


See for yourself.

Ronaldo’s Bust Sculpture


Out of all respect for the emotions and enthusiasm behind this tribute but the statue looks more like the creepy and gooey villain from “Hills Have Eyes” and least like the dashing devil Cristiano Ronaldo actually is.


Ronaldo’s Bust Sculpture


It almost looks like the statue artist wasn’t a fan at all and created one while looking at 13 year old rookie picture when he used to have braces and messy hair. (P.S. I said messy, not Messi).


Ronaldo’s Bust Sculpture


“The internet is dark and full of savage memers”

It feels like a savage Christmas on the internet and peeps are humorising the incident by comparing the sculpture with character Sloth from the movie “The Goonies.”


Ronaldo’s Bust Sculpture

But the beauty about this beautiful game we call football and their icon like Ronaldo is modesty and spirit. The Real Madrid superstar smiled and joined in on the applause as the statue got unveiled at the ceremony. He even took pictures and tweeted; [I’m] happy and honored to have my name given to the Madeira airport”.

Roanldo seemed perfectly calm; however the fans need some coolin’ too. Maybe the “internet butthurts” should learn how to take a joke like their idol. Back in 2014 another statue was made as a tribute in Ronaldo’s homeland Madeira which got joked up as it had unusually tight shorts.

Ronaldo’s modestly funny response is what makes us their die-hard fans aside from his dribbling skills. He replied, “Now finally there’s someone prettier than me”.  Ohh Ronaldo you beauty!

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