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Research Reveals the 4 Different Types of Facebook Users

Research Reveals the 4 Different Types of Facebook Users

What kind of a Facebook user are you? Are you more of a stalker trying to find information about different people or a self-promoter – constantly updating your Facebook to get more attention and likes.

A new study by Brigham Young University identified that there are four different types of Facebook users’ as relationship builders, town criers, selfies, or window shoppers.

If you are wondering what category do you fall in, find out below.

Relationship Builders

If your virtual existence is an extension of your real life, then you are a relationship builder. Users of this category use Facebook to build and extend their real-life relationship and don’t see the virtual world any different than their real life.

Town Criers

These are the well-informed ones and always break the news to you before anyone else can. They have strong opinions and encourage social activism but you don’t come across any post on their personal life as they tend to use Facebook only for public good and keep their real-life separate from the virtual world.


The most noticeable and sometimes the most annoying are the self-promoters that come under this category. They like to garner attention with constant status updates, photos and videos. Their virtual existence is for the purpose of getting more likes and comments in order to get approval among their peers, according to researchers.

Window Shoppers

Beware of the window shoppers as they are always on the outlook for monitoring other people lives. These are the stalkers who can quickly analyze anyone’s profile and can tell about their interests and relationship status.

About the Study

The study asked users to rate 48 statements on their Facebook use from a scale of 1-5 ranging from ‘more like me’ to ‘least like me’.

The purpose of the research was to create awareness among users on their social media habits and why they do certain things.


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