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RIP Reema Lagoo: Her 5 Outstanding Roles that Make her Bollywood’s Favorite Mom

RIP Reema Lagoo: Her 5 Outstanding Roles that Make her Bollywood’s Favorite Mom

It is a sad day for the film lovers as the news of Reema Lagoo’s death broke in. Remembered as Bollywood’s favorite mom, the veteran actor died at age 59 due to cardiac arrest. We take a look at some of her most promising on-screen performances that make her the best Bollywood mom.


Hum Aapke hain Koun


Being the sweet and loving mother to Madhuri Dixit, she explicitly wins the heart in her shy and sweet avatar. She draws attention for her grace and beauty as mother of the bride in this one, making it one of her memorable roles on screen.


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


While she might have not that much screen time in this one, she truly exhibits how to make a mark with her performance in that limited duration. Performing Kajol’s mother, she portrays the loving and caring mother who want the best of her child.




This one is our favorite. While we have seen her sweet and loving side in previous one, she donned the role of an angry mother in style with this one. She proves as mother of Sanjay Dutt that she can be the strict mother when it comes to taking care of your children.


Hum Saath Saath Hain


This one is a mix of character: elegance and arrogance, bittersweet step mother who can go to any length to get the rights of her children. She becomes the favorite mother of Salman Khan in this one.


Kal Ho Na Ho


Although she wasn’t seen in her classic Sari and bindi, she is the modern day loving mother who is helpless when it comes to saving her child. She looks perfect in that bob and jeans but wins heart for being the traditional Indian mother at heart.


While these are few roles that we have listed down, there are many more to Reema Lagoo credit which makes her the most beloved mother of Bollywood. Her loss would resonate for a longer time and has indeed created a void in Bollywood.



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