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Real Madrid Wins 12th Champions League


Real Madrid Wins 12th Champions League Title as Ronaldo Enjoys a Career-best Run

Real Madrid Wins 12th Champions League Title as Ronaldo Enjoys a Career-best Run

Real Madrid recorded its 12th Champions league and the second consecutive title against Juventus on Saturday. Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals, which marks his best form for the club and country. The victory makes the Portuguese goal scoring juggernaut hot favorite for winning the Ballon d’Or this year.

The Principality stadium observed an attendance of 65,842, which roared when Ronaldo opened, registered his name on the scorecard in the 20th minute.   However, the lead was offset by a stunner bi-cycle kick from Mario Mandzukic, leaving the Los blancos defenders bamboozled.  The first half concluded with the two teams promising to deliver more in the second half for securing the title.

Real Madrid Wins Champions League

The second half of the match was dominated by Zidane’s men as Casemiro’s shot found the net in the 61st minute. Three minutes later, Ronaldo was found the net again, which made it clear that the Real Madrid’s number 7 is unstoppable for the remainder of the match. Real Madrid had yet to score another when Marco Asensio found the net in stoppage time. The referee’s whistle moments later were itself an indicator for Madrid fans to celebrate their team’s victory.

The second consecutive Champions league win for Zidane listed him down not only as the greatest player of all time but an outstanding manager as well. Cristiano Ronaldo made history with 12 goals in the tournament and winning his fourth Champions league. The side is due to battle for the UEFA Super Cup with Ronaldo’s former Club Manchester United in August.

Ronaldo is not only sheer class but also a symbol of hard work, determination, and commitment. He was down 4-1 against his competition Lionel Messi in the race for Ballon d’Or. However, he looks on to be winning his fifth one this year and equal the Argentine’s record. It seems that Zidane has made the same mark on Real Madrid as Pep Guardiola left his mark on FC Barcelona. The season made it certain that Real Madrid is a force to be reckoned with multiple times before stepping down in the match especially in Champions league.

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