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Read the Story of a Woman with 27 Contact Lenses in Her Eye

Read the Story of a Woman with 27 Contact Lenses in Her Eye

Yes, you read that right. This is the curious case of a woman who have got 27 lenses in a single eye.

The 67-year-old woman was having discomfort in her eye which she believed is due to dry eye and old age. She was supposed to have cataract surgery in November but doctors then found out something strange and baffling.

The doctors at Solihull Hospital found out a blue mass in the woman’s eye which ultimately turned out to be 27 contact lenses.

There was no complain of vision problems by the woman before surgery, told Rupal Mojaria, a specialist trainee in Opthalmology who published the case in BMJ earlier this month.

This happened when Richard Crombie, a consultant anesthetist at the hospital, tried to numb the eye of the woman for surgery when he found the cluster of contacts.

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Mojaria in an interview told that the doctor found a blue mass under the top eyelid before putting anesthetic. This mass was indeed a clump of 17 lenses and the other 10 were discovered in additional examination.

The doctors were shocked as they have never come across anything like this before. There were incidents of patients having one lens stuck but never 27. Dr. Thomas L. Steinemann, a clinical spokesman for the American Academy of Opthalmology said: “This is one for the record books, as far as I could tell”.

You must be wondering how she got 27 lenses stuck in her eye. Well, the woman has been wearing contacts for 35 years. She told the surgeons that when she would try to remove a contact from her eye but couldn’t find it.

Morjaria explained that each time the women thought she’d dropped the contact somewhere, it was actually getting stuck in her eye with the others.  She was suffering with poor vision from her right eye but her left eye is perfectly fine.

Morjaria even warned other contact lenses users about the possibility of getting contacts stuck in the eye. “If contact wearers know that they didn’t take their lenses out and they’re feeling a “funny sensation in the eye.”

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