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Ramadan Transmission


Ramadan Transmission 2017: 4 Trending Topics on Social Media

Ramadan Transmission 2017: 4 Trending Topics on Social Media

The month of Ramadan in Pakistan means that the people are going to be entertained through game shows— if that’s what entertainment really is. These game shows are known for handing out cash prizes, home appliances, motor cycle, cars, and even airplanes for that matter.  Every year the media leaves people talking about some funny incident, a weird commercial or an incident that leaves everyone laughing and at times shocked and angry.  Here are the four takeaways from this Ramadan.

Fabiha Shirazi– Crush of a million


The girl came into the limelight after the social media took noticed her for her looks. She appeared as a volunteer on Fahad Mustafa’s show and became crush of a million people. She remained a discussion on the social media and something Pakistanis talked about at iftaar and while watching the game show Jeeto Pakistan.

Sahir Lodhi Insulting


Just when the competition between Ramadan transmission and their hosts was increasing, Sahir Lodhi made a blunder for which he was criticized by every Pakistani. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued a show cause notice to private channel for “TV One” for ignoring the ethical codes of Ramadan Transmission. The media watch dog stated that the host of Ishq-e-Ramadan, held Quaid-e-Azam M. Ali. Jinnah liable for the death of martyred during the partition of sub-continent. It all began when Sahir Lodhi held a quiz participant responsible for blaming Quaid-e-Azam M. Ali. Jinnah for all the problems in Pakistan. The remarks were taken insulting from the host and he decided to lecture the audience, which led to such consequence.

Shoaib Akthar and Wasim Akram


The legends of Pakistan cricket left fans in a state of surprise as they hosted Geo television’s game show, Jeeto Khelo Pakistan. The two have remained as the most feared bowlers in cricket history with one as the second highest wicket taker while the other is the fastest bowler on the planet. However, the two were in a complete different mode, which continues to surprise the audience and their fans as well.


Amir Liaquat— Bring in the Airplanes


The big gun, Amir Liaquat never fails to make the spot light during the month of Ramadan. He was seen on as the host of Bol TV’s game show Aisay Chaley Ga, which announced that it will be giving away airplanes during the game shows as well. This took the competition and fans by surprise as airplanes are not every day means of transport for people. However, the competition continues and it looks like Amir Liaquat is not going anywhere from beneath the spotlight.

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