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Qatar Granted 48 Hours


Qatar Granted 48 Hours More to accept Gulf States Demands

Qatar Granted 48 Hours More to accept Gulf States Demands

The political chaos in Middle East continues as Qatar’s neighbors have offered time till Tuesday this week to respond to a list of demands, following the original deadline on Sunday.  Earlier Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain suspended their ties with Qatar, asserting Qatar of supporting terrorism.  A 13 point list of demand was presented and gave Qatar 10 days to consider the offer.

Qatar Granted 48 Hours

On the contrary, Qatar has rejected the charges, citing them baseless and suggested that demands such as closure of Al-Jazeera and ejecting Turkish troops in Qatar were too stiff and irrational.  Saudi state news agency SPA and the four countries agreed to a request filed by Kuwait, which is meditating the crisis to extend the deadline by 48 hours.

Suspend GCC Membership

The countries pressing for the blockade have given details of any penalties to be imposed if their ultimatum is spurned. Although, UAE diplomats have stated to either suspend Qatar from Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) or impose sanctions on states, which continue their trade with Qatar. GCC was formed in 1981 after Iran’s Islamic revolution and outbreak of Iran-Iraq war by Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, and Bahrain.

Qatar Granted 48 Hours

Qatar faces severe consequences if the Gulf countries act on the sanctions declared. The oil rich country will not be able to share the air space that would impact world’s leading airline, Qatar Airways and also make it difficult for the country to have trade for utilities across borders. The world hopes that the crisis is resolved without the rift increasing any further. Pakistan also wishes to see the Gulf states find a solution to the problem mutually than to have strained relations in the region.

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