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“Project Ghazi” seizes the screen with its official trailer

“Project Ghazi” seizes the screen with its official trailer

It’s getting even hotter in summers and people are sweating over the first official trailer of Pakistan’s first ever superhero movie “Project Ghazi” that got released yesterday.

“Batman” who?

The guy couldn’t even save his own parents LOL.


Ammunitions, drones, speed chases, advanced automobiles, exotic locations, badass fight sequences, transformer-like machinery and what not. All of this with a pinch of patriotism and nationalism.

And the best part?

It’s all in Urdu. Every single of us would be able to relate.


The Desi Pakistani comic community and fellowship just got the Eidi of their lives before Eid in the form of Project Ghazi’s official trailer that is the very definition of badass.


Project Ghazi


June 19 will be remembered as the revival day of Pakistani film industry, a day that marked the launch of the official first trailer of Pakistan’s very own first superhero movie, followed by a ceremony held in Karachi to celebrate the launch.


Project Ghazi


Starring Syra Shehroz, Humayun Saeed, and Sheheryar Munawar, this bold experiment of a movie is the brainchild of an amazing director Nadir Shah who truly deserves all the attention, applauds and appreciation for breaking free from the traditional norms of Pakistani film industry by introducing a highly challenging concept to the public. It is next to impossible for our movie stars to try out a new genre for an audience that is so typical and partial to new experiments.


Project Ghazi


Nadir said while addressing the media that he always knew it is going to be highly challenging for him and the crew to even try an experiment like this, let alone actually pulling it off successfully.

“But I thought if we put in hard work, we will be able to offer Pakistani cinema something new and different,” Nadir quoted.


Kudos the brave Nadir Shah for pulling this off. True superhero I must add.


Variety is the spice of life and Pakistani film industry and its audience have been quite unfortunate in its share of versatility in movies but now the scenario seems to be changing for good thanks to bold experiments like “Project Ghazi” and daring artists like Nadir Shah.


“Project Ghazi” is all set to release on 14th July 2017 and all of those who go watch “Batman” and “Ironman” movies so eagerly in the cinemas; Y’all better watch Project Ghazi or else change your social media profile pictures to “Rishi Kapoor”.


Project Ghazi


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