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Political upheaval in Middle East Strains Ties between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Political upheaval in Middle East Strains Ties between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

The Middle Eastern political havoc does not look to seem to end anytime soon as Qatar stated that there were “no legitimate justification” for calling-off diplomatic ties after Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Maldives, and Yemen declared suspension of their relations with Gulf state.

The Saudi Kingdom made the announcement through its state-run Saudi Press Agency on Monday, stating that it took the necessary steps for protecting national security. The agency released statement, which blamed Qatar of sheltering different terrorists and sectarian group, which looks to destabilize the region.

The government of Qatar responded to the fallout by reassuring its people and residents that these are baseless allegations and would not impact their work or lifestyle. Saudi Arabia calls on to all the brotherly nations to support its measures against Qatar. However, Pakistan was the first country to reject the idea.

The news has created a financial turmoil as the oil price surges and Qatari stocks and shares falling out.  Middle East has become a host to religious and sectarian conflict that has ruptured the economic and political fabric of the country. The Syrian and Yemen conflict along with the world’s reincarnation as a bi-polar world is leading to diplomatic fallouts across the globe. The wave of terrorism across the world has incited strained relations amongst states as they continue to accuse on axis or the other.

On the other hand, Yemen’s internationally recognized government also announced that it has cutoff ties with Qatar, blaming it for cooperating with its rivals in the Iran-aligned Houthi movement. It further said that Yemen supported a decision by a Saudi-led coalition for more than two years to overthrow the Houthis from Capital Sanaa in order to remove Qatar from its positions. The blood bath in the Middle East has killed innocent people and casted gloomy clouds on the Syrian and Yemen playgrounds leaving hundreds of dead and misplaced.

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