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Plastic Road


Plastic Roads: Waste Plastic for Cheaper and Long-lasting Roads?

Plastic Roads: Waste Plastic for Cheaper and Long-lasting Roads?

Plastic roads – Yes, you read that right, is a new way to make cheaper and durable roads with recycled plastic. Thanks to Engineer Toby McCartney who has found plastic to be used as a binding agent in asphalt replacing the oil product, Bitumen.

Plastic Roads

Waste Plastic for Cheaper and Long-lasting Roads

McCartney, living in a farm outside Lockerbie Scotland, devised this method of using waste plastics to make roads that are stronger, cheaper and most importantly, long-lasting. With the world facing a plastic epidemic, this idea is not only good for our roads but also for our environment.

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This simultaneously solves multiple problems of our times: poor road quality, waste plastics and the continued use of fossil fuels

He replaced the binding agent, Bitumen, with plastic pellets that are made from plastic waste. Plastic pellets are made from household waste, commercial waste and farm waste. He first used this method to make his drive way.

After success of the method, Cumbria is the first local council in the United Kingdom to try local waste for making plastic roads.

With the world facing climate change and plastics polluting our seas, this idea is a life saver for our planet and could be replicated in other parts of the world.

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