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Here is what you need to know about PepsiCo #eyeclosedforlife advertisement

Here is what you need to know about PepsiCo #eyeclosedforlife advertisement

PepsiCo has built its reputation for delivering advertisements, which can make a person crave for the drink as if it were an oasis in a desert and bring about an emotional roller coaster of its audience in less than a minute. This Ramzan, the company decided to release an advertisement, which comprised different Pakistani celebrities promoting a campaign that would help Pepsi to deliver light to homes of million unprivileged Pakistanis. The advertisement is about its liter of light campaign, which has celebrities like Wasim Akram, Fawad Khan, Mehreen Syed, and Sajal Ali. The stardom fraternity joins hands and asks people to post their pictures with #eyeclosedforlife so that Pepsi can donate to the project at every upload.

The beverage behemoth has never failed to amuse its audience with advertisements that were honored by late pop icon, Michael Jackson as public service messages that actually make a difference. This would help the company bring light into lives of the people and also prove to be an excellent marketing strategy during the month of Ramzan, when people are eager to help others in need.

This advertisement not only stirs sentiments in the eyes of the audience to take a selfie with their eyes closed, but also encourages them to buy the product more so that the humanitarian project keeps running. It not only fulfills the promise of corporate social responsibility but also promises a huge market share in the month of Ramzan especially when Rooh Afza and other beverages are giving no breathing space to competition.

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