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50 Pakistani students return from India due to violent threats


50 Pakistani students return from India due to violent threats

50 Pakistani students return from India due to violent threats

A Dehli based NGO “Routes2Routes” humbly invited a delegation of 50 Pakistani students between the ages of 11 to 15 and teachers as an act of their student “Exchange for Change” program.


The invited students reached Dehli on Monday on May 1st, where they were scheduled for a one-day trip to Agra on Wednesday followed by an exchange participation with Indian students at the Pakistan Embassy in New Dehli one day later.


What seemed like a noble initiative that could help cool down the ongoing heat between the two neighbor countries, turned into an ugly propaganda as the innocent Pakistani students were aggressively threatened by the Hindu fascist community in India.


The long trip was cut short as the host NGO was threatened by religious fanatics of Shiv Sena party for a fictitious allegation that the Pakistani students were invited under the backdrop of the alleged incident where Pakistan Army had killed and mutilated the bodies of two Indian soldiers near the Line of Control which has been declared completely false by the Pak Army officials.


When it comes to India and its religious extremists, no threat can be treated as just a threat. For the sake of safety of the Pakistani students and Ind-o-Pak relationship, the officials said it is an inappropriate time for such an accord and advised the NGO to send the delegation back to Pakistan until things settle down.

“The ministry advised the NGO that it was not an appropriate time for such exchanges,” Indian External Affairs Spokesperson Gopal Baglay quoted.


With deep regrets, the NGO shut down their program and the students were escorted to the Wagha border with massive security.


This is not the first attempt to trickle down the life-long feud between India and Pakistan that ended in vain. This incident is an eye opener about the fact that sanity and education cannot exist where extremism does. The worst part is that this time innocent students who are partial to dirty politics and propagandas, fell victim to the hands of sick minded religious radicals.

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