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#PakistanLovesSnapChat but hates its neighbor.


India and Pakistan, brothers of the same womb; united by hate and divided by borders.
I seriously hope I’m not the only one who feels this way. How is it possible to live on with such hate and resentment that all we need is a silly excuse to tear each other’s up with our words and actions in the name of humor?
It’s the kind of hate that we have inherited. It’s been taught and fed to us both Indians and Pakistanis right from our childhood.
The Pakistani social media has gone savage over the latest “snapchat” and “snapdeal” wrangle in India.
It all started with a false claim that Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel once said that the app was “only for rich people” and not developed for “poor countries like India and Spain.” The officials denied the claim obviously, and people should be smart enough to differentiate fact from fiction.
Well the Indians lost their marbles, took this fake news way too seriously and decided to collectively boycott the app and kill its ratings. The backlash got so severe that #boycottsnapchat became the top trending hashtag in the whole India. Unfortunately, they ended up harming a local app named “Snapdeal” by uninstalling the app and giving it poor ratings.



Let’s talk logic:


India is a population of more than 1.252 billion, the second largest population in the world. Imagine the target audience of such a greater size, why would any brand like to cut down their profit opportunities by excluding a gigantic consumer hub like India? Have some sense my brother Indians. Itnay jazbat achi baat nahi!



Pakistani Social Media Racists Got Zero Chill



A cricket ground isn’t a battlefield, and social media isn’t a cold war zone. There is a difference between hate speech and humor, and it’s high that time we learn it. Don’t let hatred take the best of you. We may be divided by borders, cultures, and traditions but don’t get so blinded by loathing that we fall beyond the parameters of decency and humanity.

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