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Lollywood’s 1st Ever Superhero Movie “Project Ghazi” released its Teaser

Lollywood’s 1st Ever Superhero Movie “Project Ghazi” released its Teaser

It seems like whole new reviving era for the Pakistani film industry with back to back releases of blockbuster movies like Waar, Bin Roye, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Na Maloom Afrad, Karachi se Lahore, Actor in Law and more. These movies didn’t just vigorously dazzle the hearts of the audience, but earned critical acclaim as well. Jawani Phir Nai Ani, released in 2015 is declared the biggest movie of Pakistani box-office making as much as US$4.9 million globally.


project ghazi


Lollywood is putting paddle to the metal of their entertainment regimen and experimenting in different areas of entertainment related to movies. The first Pakistani superhero movie ever named “Project Ghazi” has been the center of attention ever since it’s release was announced last year with a strong star cast including megastars like Humayun Saeed, Shehryar Munawar and Syra Shahroz in leading roles.


project ghazi


Now that they have bestowed upon the audience their long awaited first trailer, it seems a lot like a Desi Urdu version of “The Dark Knight x The Dark Knight Rises”.


Check it out:

Why I quoted the movie reference of “Batman-The Dark Knight series”? Here’s why:

As the teaser begins, a man behind a metal-ish mask can be seen chanting about how the human race has been fooling themselves since the dawn of time and menacingly warning about exposing the truth behind the real human nature.


project ghazi


The guy looks like a peppy version of “Bane” from the “Dark Knight Rises” and shares the anarchist thoughts about humans like “The Joker” from “The Dark Knight” did.

As the trailer continues, you can also witness the superstars wearing tight black ops looking like costumes and carrying modern ammos in their full swing.


This film is being directed as the first feature film project by a talented Ad-filmmaker Nadir Shah.

“It’s a story of an advanced soldier project and it spans over a period of 20 years,” director Nadir Shah told The Express Tribune during a live Facebook session.


TBH, the trailer isn’t much revealing and appealing so it’s too soon to say how the movie might turn out to be, but it sure seems like a fresh experiment that deserves our attention.

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