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Open letter to bloggers and instagrammers


An Open Letter to All Bloggers and Instagrammers

An Open Letter to All Bloggers and Instagrammers

Content is the king and is longer to stay so. But having the same content on all the different social media can be bothersome. Having the similar content like many other will not gain you more followers, but instead will do the opposite.

Following is an open letter by a concerned reader asking the bloggers and Instagrammers to bring original and unique content for a loyal following, rather than copying others.

I would like to highlight this as a follower of many known and unknown Instagram profiles (some of those belong to bloggers and some are just Instagrammers). If we follow you, then chances are that we follow many more like you too. That’s how the dynamics of social media are. It gets really annoying and irritating for us to see all of you posting the same thing again and again with same captions and descriptions. Yes, we understand you get those by the famous brands and you even get paid to post about them (cash/goodies or even barter), yet imagine opening your Instagram and seeing one post by all and sundry.

If you must post about the same thing; at least use your own words or give us a different pic, or maybe give us an insight which others don’t.

And stop telling people that they need you to promote their brand. It is rather that you need fodder for your profile. So, find unique and new things for your profile to post about and not the same old posts which everyone else is posting. We don’t want to know about the new film being launched by 50 profiles. Once or twice is good enough. The age of social media is fast; very fast. News gets old within seconds. Please ensure you post things which will make people want to visit and revisit your profile.

Remember that in the age of digital, it is not about producing content but unique content that make you stand out from the rest. Bring a different perspective and the following is rest assured.


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