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Old Age Homes – A Sad Necessity of Pakistan

Old Age Homes – A Sad Necessity of Pakistan

The Western world is not new to the concept of a retirement home or old age homes. It’s just the way societal things run their course in countries like the US. As soon as a child becomes an adult, the parents start treating him as an individual and he has to start pulling his own weight around the house. In some cases, the child leaves to live an independent life and the parents can take some load of responsibility off.  As parents get too old to take care of themselves by their own, they find a good nursing home to spend their last few years or months in peace.




Pakistan and its increasing trend of old age homes are becoming a sad necessity that needs immediate attention.

When it comes to an Asian Muslim country like Pakistan, the very concept of old people’s home seems fragile and unethical. Pakistani parents pamper and take care of their kids for as long as they live. You can literally see Pakistani parents fulfilling the domestic and financial responsibilities of their kids even when they are in their middle age, and even married.

It’s so sad to see the necessity for old age homes in Pakistan gaining momentum.




President of the Senior Citizen Foundation of Pakistan [SCFP] Lahore chapter Mr. Ashraf Chaudhry has urged the Punjab government to establish old homes in the province that provides all basic facilities to the elderly people.


“Having spent years toiling to build the future of their country and their children, senior citizens find themselves on the margins of society,” Mr. Ashraf said.


It’s a disgusting reality of our new generation that they have lost all moral and societal values as they are fading into the curse of “westernization” and consider their elderly people as a liability that they are s desperate to get rid of.


“They are busy in their personal lives and find it a burden to keep their parents and elders with them,” Mr. Ashraf added.

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