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The Bro Code is Strong AF with Obama and Trudeau

The Bro Code is Strong AF with Obama and Trudeau

Because a man-date is man-da-tory.


Ex-US President Barack Obama and current Canadian PM  Justin Trudeau are the very definitions of bro goals.


Two of the coolest guys this world has ever seen, the world’s most favorite duo is taking its bromantic relationship up a notch and met up for a dinner date this Tuesday in Trudeau’s hometown in Montreal, Canada.




Just two old bros doing some drink and chill in an exotic restaurant while they having a real conversation with a constant deep gaze into each other’s eyes. Or so it seems. They could be talking about how Canada and US should finally form the North American Union, or they could be bashing Trump for his series of screwups for all we know.


We can only imagine what these legends of the modern diplomatic era might have talked about on one of the most hyped and fantasized date-nights of the decade, but fans surely are taking some funny wild guesses and setting Twitter on fire.







This is not this the first of their bromantic moments and we sure hope this isn’t last.



From their first encounter at the APEC Summit



To the posh state dinner at the White House during Trudeau’s visit to the US, the bro code with these two seems as strong as it gets.


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