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We May Have to Wait Longer for the New iPhone but Would it Be Worth It?

We May Have to Wait Longer for the New iPhone but Would it Be Worth It?

A decade has gone by since the world got introduced to the first ever iPhone back in 2007, January.



Till then iPhone has held a dominating position in the world of technology and smartphones by back to back releases of its upgraded models until last year when iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we call Apple and Samsung the two key players competing to be on top of the smartphones throne.



2017 Apple will be glorifying their 10 years anniversary by the release of three new models. Two improved versions of previous phones and one freshly designed exclusive iPhone.



Since the launch of Samsung’s latest prize product; the all new Samsung S8 over which android users have been drooling so badly, the iPhone community simply can’t wait to get their hands on the almighty new iPhone and start the never-ending “who’s the best debate” with their fellow android rivals.


As much as we hate being the bearer of bad news, with a heavy heart let us inform you that you might have to wait a little bit longer for the new iPhone. The two upgrade models will be released at the same time but customers will have to wait another one or two months for the new model.

Sources say that the development of this high-end technologically advanced device is the delay. They have added a number of new amazing features which are as follows:


A Larger and Curvy Screen

The new model’s screen is expected to be larger in size than the old models and curved from edges to cover more front side of the device. A lot like the new Samsung S8.


A Screen Fingerprint Scanner

Apple may be planning to incorporate the fingerprint at the mobile screen itself. Sounds James Bond-ish right?

This same feature was supposed to come out with Samsung S8 but due to technical complications and incorporated the scanner at the back of the phone. They probably couldn’t wait to flaunt their new gadget in the market.


A Front Facing 3D Camera

Rumor has it that the new iPhone may come with a high-tech front-facing 3D camera with depth-sensing capabilities. The camera would make the selfie experience more realistic with filters and reality masks and we may also be able to use for gaming and 3D modeling.
Well, this sounds tempting enough. Let’s just hope Apple delivers what they’ve committed to their customers who are so desperately waiting for the new device, regardless of the delay.

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