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#NekiEkIbadat – Surf Excel’s New Ramadan Advert Truly Lives up to the Spirit of Giving

#NekiEkIbadat – Surf Excel’s New Ramadan Advert Truly Lives up to the Spirit of Giving

Ever heard of the phrase that “Happiness is only real when shared.”?

Well, it is true to every bit. True happiness lies in making others happy.


Ramadan in Pakistan has transformed to a great extent. Let’s take advertising for an example. The Holy month of Ramadan has become a great opportunity for consumer based good manufacturers to earn profits as consumers are more inclined toward purchasing, regardless of their purchasing power.


A throwback to the Good Ol’ Days when we used to break our fasts listening to the 99 names of The Almighty Allah, and now we do it while watching people making a fool out of themselves just for the sake of a motorbike, or a mobile phone.


Well, not all hopes are lost. There are still a few organizations that fulfill their social responsibility towards their profession and the society, and are using the advertising tool for promoting goodness and virtuousness among people.


This year Surf Excel is basking in the true spirit of Ramadan Kareem and releases a unique TV advert that beautifully portrays the real vibe and message of Ramadan Kareem. Surf Excel’s new Ramadan advert is one of the finest ways to spread the noble message of goodness, caring, giving, and sharing.


Check it out:

The ad so gracefully portrays the uprighteous art of sharing and caring, which is a true reflection of the teachings that Ramadan Kareem offers us.


As the mother wakes up the little teenager for Sehri, he immediately picks up a handful of dates and starts running towards an old man’s house that lives a couple blocks away to wake him up for Sehri and feed him. He is so motivated and driven with the intention of a virtuous deed that he ruins his clean white Shalwar Kameez without a crease on his innocent face.


As he wakes up the old man and offers him the dates he brought, tears of joy and happiness roll down on the old man’s face.


As the kid returns to his mother with dirty clothes, instead of scolding him the mom appreciates the child’s actions and asks him to invite that old man; Uncle Saleem for iftar, thus completing the beautiful circle of caring and sharing.


One good deed leads to another, and happiness is contagious. Thumbs up to Surf Excel for such an extraordinary advertisement, unlike others that solely focus on the fancy and glamorous stuff, completely foregoing our social responsibility.

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