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The Mighty Tale of a Chinese Hijabi

Chinese Hijabi

Since we live in an Islamic state that abides by the principles and practices taught by Islam, rituals like Hijab and Niqab are common for us. Imagine if you were to see a woman roaming down the street or the mall wearing a skirt or a crop top, wouldn’t you feel indifferent? You would.


Same is the case with Muslim men and women that live in other non-Islamic states. And it only makes sense. Human beings are creatures of habit and we tend to refute things that don’t align with our beliefs or lifestyle. That’s where the element of co-existence and inter-religious tolerance play a vital role in a peaceful and prosperous world.


A Chinese Muslim woman shares her mighty tale with the world of how she is breaking her way out of religious stereotypes and helping all Muslim women in the whole China redeem their identity.


Rehmah is a Muslim-born woman living in China. Even though there are more than 23 million Muslim living in the whole China, following religious rituals like Hijab and Niqab fall a victim can be a cause of discrimination and stereotyping. She faced a backlash from her friends and family as she started wearing Hijab responsibly after she started studying in the University. She studied religion more deeply and it persuaded her into wearing a headscarf. People advised her to go see a psychologist as if she’s mentally disoriented to be following a religious ritual. She claims to have faced prejudice and intolerance in her university as well as had trouble finding a job but she is determined to become a true representative of Hijab wearing Muslim women in China.


Chinese Hijabi


She is currently residing in Beijing, China and working in a studio where she designs gorgeous Hijab designs and Muslim clothes. Her delicate clothes are specially designed to portray the actual beauty of Muslim women.


Chinese Hijabi


Lesson to Learn:

Being born in a Muslim family or a Muslim country doesn’t make you a good Muslim or a good human. True character comes within and we should rather purify our souls than wearing fancy clothes.

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