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Muslim Girl’s Murder Not Treated as a Hate Crime

Muslim Girl’s Murder Not Treated as a Hate Crime

The police officials claim the murder of Nabra Hassanen to be a road rage incident, not a hate crime, but the people are telling a different story.

Nabra Hassanen

Nabra Hassanen, a 17-year-old bright young lady was brutally assaulted and abducted by an individual on her way to her home from a local mosque in Virginia. She was returning home after finishing her Ramadan prayers with her friends from the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque when she was violently confronted by a motorist who got out of the car and started assaulting the young Muslim woman.

The group of friends she was accompanied with scattered due to the uncertainty of the situation and ran to the mosque for help but sadly it was already too late. She had been abducted by the individual by the time they came back for her. She was immediately reported missing to the police authorities who started searching for her aggressively.

Darwin Martinez-Torres

They did find her but lying dead soaked in her own blood in a pool in Sterling area around 3 pm. The authorities informed her mother that she died by a blow to her head with a metal bat. The killer has been identified by the police as Darwin Martinez-Torres and arrested.

Muslim Girl Killed

More than 5,000 mourners attended the funeral of Nabra on Wednesday.

Some wearing Islamic clothing, others in street clothes. It was so crowded that they had to leave their cars and walk more than a mile to reach her mosque.


The heat seems to be turning up for Muslims living in the US especially after the elected President Donald Trump took office. The US is facing the worst tribulation of racism and hate crimes it has seen in ages.


The police have made a firm statement about Nabra Hassanen’s murder that it is not being investigated as hate crime, not even a possible hate crime. Talk about the benefit of the doubt.


This came as a surprise to so many people including her friends who witnessed the incident, her family, and many other U.S citizens who believe it to be a hate crime against Muslims. Eye witnesses say that the assaulter first started yelling at the teens and then threw beer bottles at them. The police are not being completely transparent in the details, maybe because the investigation is still ongoing.

Nabra’s mother claims that her daughter fell victim to this heinous act of violence only because she was wearing a “Hijab”.

“I am sure that guy hit my daughter because she’s a Muslim and she was wearing the Hijab. The thing in my head is, why did he do that to us? We’re not bad people. I don’t feel safe at all anymore, as a Muslim living here now”.

We are waiting for more details related to the incident to make sense of what could cause a man to go so rogue that he would so brutally take the life of an innocent teenage girl without any remorse. Until now, the murder is being investigated as a road-rage incident.

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