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Multan attempted suicide


Teenage lover boy jumps off a tower in Multan

Teenage lover boy jumps off a tower in Multan

Caution: The content below is purely sarcastic and offensive to certain lovebirds. If you’re a senseless butthurt that is crazy in love, DO NOT READ THIS.


You must have heard the phrase that “people fall in love”. Well, this guy literally has fallen from a 100ft tall mobile tower in the name of love.


Don’t jump off your seats. The guy survived this incident but broke his arms and legs.

The 18-year-old resident of Multan, Arsalan; climbed up to the top of a mobile tower and threatened to commit suicide if his family didn’t consent with him marrying the girl that he so desperately loves.


The local people of Masoom Shah neighborhood tried convincing the naïve lover to come down and have a peaceful resolution for solid 2 hours, but the guy was high on the most dangerous drug that exists in this world; love. He jumped off the tower and broke his legs and arms. He was instantly taken to Nishtar hospital with some serious physical damage.


Multan attempted suicide

Remember the iconic scene from the movie ‘Sholay’ where Dharmendra threatens the whole village that he’s going to jump off the water tank if Basanti’s mother didn’t let him marry Basanti?


It’s twenty seventeen. It has been 42 years since Sholay lit the cinemas back in 1975, yet it’s funny and ironic to see peeps following in footsteps of the pathetic kind of love portrayed in this movie.

P.s. Dharmendra was crazy drunk in that movie scene, which somehow justifies his stupid actions.


What drug were you on Arsalan? What drug could be potent enough to make you so dumb and futile that you choose to hurt yourself, or even worse; kill yourself? Such a waste!


It’s ironically sad that guys can barely spare a few minutes of your so called “busy life” for the woman who has selflessly loved you all your life, your mother; and yet you are willing to kill yourself for an infatuation that is less than a couple months old.


The other side of the story


No reason is legit enough to justify a mindless action such as a suicide attempt, but we can’t ignore the causes to avoid more incidents of this sort in the future.


Arsalan took this step because his parents didn’t allow him to marry the woman of his choice. It is almost believable. We live in a conservative society where love marriages are still nothing less than a societal stigma. Parents need to be more subtle and friendly with their kids and ensure their consent in all important things of life; whereas matrimony is unarguably the most important decision of a person’s life.


Arsalan’s father, Abdur Razzaq denied rumors of attempted suicide over love and claimed that his son was intoxicated at the time he had jumped. Let’s  wait and see what truth time reveals.

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