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Women in Islam: Meet Morocco’s Muslim Women Preachers Working for Women Empowerment

Women in Islam: Meet Morocco’s Muslim Women Preachers Working for Women Empowerment

The role of Women in Islam has always come under scrutiny. From education to work, women rights champions have failed to confront the cultural traditions and religious bias against women. But one group of Muslim women preachers in Morocco have taken a stand to change that.

Known as Morchidat, the role of these female religious preachers is causing a social revolution in Morocco. They are causing a stir for their efforts to challenge long-held traditions and biases in the name of religion that deprive women of their basic rights. Promoting the role of female religious leaders, the program enables women to work alongside male imams in not only religious institutions but also social institutions like schools, orphanages, and hospitals etc.

The story of the three Morchidats was documented in Casablanca Calling. This group aims to bring bigger understanding of Islam to a wide population, especially women in Morocco. Morchidats work as spiritual guide in schools, hospitals and rural communities and preach about different aspects of our social life in religious perspective. The role of women in education and work place is one of the areas where they are working to change cultural traditions of restricting access of women role in these sectors.

Watch more about their role below:

The Moroccan government began training of Morchidat in 2006 and they work to separate religious teachings from prejudice and misunderstanding. The positive impact of this is that women are more open to discuss their religious matters with these Muslim women preachers. Some of the basic issues they have challenged in our social traditions is where religion forbids women from workplace.

With little knowledge of religion, our traditional prejudices have allowed people to be exploited by a few. The basic knowledge of our social aspects of life in light of religious teachings can help identify the right from wrong and give them empowerment. Women in Islam have always been associated as a repressive group with little and no say in social life. However, these women preachers have proved that we shouldn’t let social traditions exploit ourselves.

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