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Momina Mustehsan’s recital of Qaseeda Burda Shareef is totally mesmerizing

Momina Mustehsan’s recital of Qaseeda Burda Shareef is totally mesmerizing

As soon as the news broke a couple days ago that Momina Mustehsan will be recording the official soundtrack of Ittehad Ramzan Transmission scheduled to air on A-Plus, we all have been waiting to indulge our ears in listening Momina Mustehsan recite the iconic naat that we all grew up listening.

It has finally been released now.

Listen, soothe your ears and heart out, and let’s talk further.

Qaseeda Burda e Sharif has been renditioned in a number of different languages and by a number of popular celebrities in the past including the late Junaid Jamshed.

This year its Momina’s time to shine as Ittehad Ramzan transmission has gone global this year with the program traveling to as many as 30 different Muslim countries.



Not a big fan of Momina myself especially after the anthem she sang for Islamabad United that left everyone crying, for wrong reasons.

However, her mesmerizing new take on this iconic naat is commendable. The way she has brought a pinch of spirituality in her voice and looks totally lives up to the true spirit of Ramadan and this beautiful naat.



The traditional elegant white clothing designed by Tina Durrani, her soulful voice, and the beautiful composition by Shiraz Uppal; this rendition of the most popular naat of all times is nothing less than a divine pleasure for the plain eyesight and earbuds.

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