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middle east anti-terror ad


This Middle Eastern Anti-Terror Ad is a Slap in the Face of Terrorism

This Middle Eastern Anti-Terror Ad is a Slap in the Face of Terrorism

The Middle East has taken the world by storm by a unique anti-terror advertisement.  The ad reenacts the aftermath of a terrorism attack, a suicide bomber being challenged by the victims of terror.

The world around us has turned into a war zone and we have all badly fallen victims of terrorism regardless of our religion, race or ethnicity. From Syria to Manchester, all you can see is a trail of blood stains and lust for power. We are fighting over race, religion, borders, water, agriculture, land, and what not. Blinded by hate and greed, we have become a stigma in the face of humanity and yet we claim ourselves to be righteous and religious.


It is by far the most unbiased and sensible way to convey the real message of peace and inter-religious harmony that we have seen in a long time. It’s deeply satisfying to see some people still strive for peace while most of us are hell bent on destruction and war.


This advertisement is made for the Holy month of Ramadan which lives up to the true spirit of Ramadan Kareem, i.e. peace, tolerance, and coexistence. The ad reenacts a scene of the aftermath of a bombing. As the advertisement begins, Arabic voice-overs start playing which translate as follows:


middle east anti-terror ad

Be Tender In Your Faith, not Harsh

There is no such thing as force or extortion in Islam or any other religion in that reference. If you want others to believe in your faith, set an example that encourages them to do so. Your character reflects your true religion.


middle east anti-terror ad

Confront Your Enemy with Peace, not War

Peace begins within. As long as we keep fighting violence with violence, the world will never know peace. Even our religion Islam encourages us to treat our enemies with respect and look for a peaceful resolution.


middle east anti-terror ad

Persuade others, with Leniency, not by Force

None of our prophets or messengers spread the divine message of Islam by force or against anyone’s will. They penetrated deep into the hearts of non-believers with the virtue of their noble character and actions.


middle east anti-terror ad

Worship Your God with Love

How could we have such a perverted sense of religion that we are out to please our God by slaughtering the very creations The Almighty so dearly loves?


peace quote


Let’s hope and pray that more people understand religion and its teachings for the way they actually are, and give love, peace, coexistence, and harmony a chance.

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