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Meera is Having ‘a Ball of A time’ in Dubai Before Elections

Meera is Having ‘a Ball of A time’ in Dubai Before Elections

There is nothing you can’t dream of and Meera is a proof that you should aim high. She is never afraid to speak her mind and has announced to contest elections against Imran Khan. After all, she is more popular than the Captain – she strongly believes though.

With so much work to do, Meera Jee deserved some fun time to relax before kickstarting her election campaign. Hence, she went to Dubai and her #dubaidiaries reveal that Meera Jee is surely an ordinary girl at heart.

Her first stop is the famous Burj Khaifa where she is seen wearing an all-black dress which looks somewhat confusing.

Meera in Dubai

Meera’s excitement for her new ride is legit, after all who wouldn’t get excited for this one?

Meera in Dubai

Her stop at Dubai is the luxurious hotel Ritz Carlton DIFC and she takes you on an exploration journey.

From fooling around to reading, she is having a great time at the hotel.

Meera in Dubai

With elections ahead, Meera Jee surely needs some relaxing time and what better way than a spa to relax?

Meera in Dubai

And finally, her Nirvana moment came with this Italian food that looks too tempting to resist.

Meera in Dubai

Well that is all we could get from her Instagram. With her marriage news expected soon and the elections campaign work, Meera surely needed some time to pamper herself and get back to limelight fully recharged.

Imran Khan, you have been warned after all.

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